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Construction Blocks in Detroit, MI

Construction Blocks in Detroit MI

Cement construction blocks were a huge innovation when they were first introduced. These blocks are easy to work with and easy to set, and often they’re a lot lighter to carry than prefabricated concrete wall sections. Modern construction blocks come in a variety of designs, from large, solid concrete blocks to lightweight hollow blocks. These all have a place in any concrete building project, from retaining walls to garden paths and basement repairs in a residential house. Detroit Ready Mix Concrete, Inc., uses construction blocks of every size and composition, and the time savings they bring means our expert teams can have your project up and finished after just a short building cycle.

Solid Cement Blocks

Solid construction blocks are basically prefabricated sections of concrete, but they’re generally small enough to carry and lay as if they were bricks. Solid block construction is all around you; in every city, you’re almost never more than a few feet away from it. These blocks are usually made from a coarse mix with lots of rough aggregate, which makes them exceptionally strong and durable — a must in Detroit’s harsh winters and heavy rain. The dense structure of these blocks gives them a lot of compression strength, so they’re ideal for foundation work, load-bearing structures and even for use as stepping-stones that aren’t intended to be moved.

Hollow Construction Blocks

Hollow construction blocks are a development on the heavier solid designs. These preformed blocks have solid sides that lie flush with each other in a wall, but inside, they’re mostly open space. This drastically cuts down their weight and allows bigger lots of them to be delivered and worked on the job site. The open space inside the blocks can also be filled with putty, mortar or another reinforcing compound to increase strength and shear tolerance. These blocks sacrifice some compression strength, but they can be used to rapidly build tall, thin walls to almost any specification. They’re also strong enough for use on the lower floors of most residential buildings.

Construction Blocks in Detroit, MI

Whether you’re building a retaining wall or refinishing your home’s basement, construction blocks can dramatically cut the time and cost of your project. Detroit Ready Mix Concrete, Inc., has masonry teams with the knowledge and the tools to get your construction block structures up quickly and with a professional’s expertise. Give us a call at (313) 931-7043 to learn more about construction blocks before starting your next project.