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Concrete Suppliers Serving Detroit, MI

When you want your sidewalks, patios, and floors to leave an impression, the one to call is Detroit Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. We supply releases, sealers, and Powdered Integral Color by Brickform. We are also happy to recommend experienced contractors to help you complete your project.

Colored Concrete

In addition to supplying color, Detroit Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. can also mix colors provided by homeowners or contractors. Colored concrete is quickly becoming the norm for home and business owners that are looking to complement the beauty of their home or business. Kitchens, basements, lofts, and garages have all become prime spots to implement colored concrete, which can be dyed to your liking. At Detroit Ready Mix Concrete, Inc., we use a state-of-the-art computer batching system to help ensure that your concrete is consistent every time. We can mix in the color in the truck while it is on its way to you or when we arrive on site.

Here are the beautiful styles that you can accomplishment using colored concrete supplied by Detroit Ready Mix!

Stained Colored Concrete

Concrete can be stained in a variety of colors. Latex water-based stains offer an infinite color palette while acid-based stains generally come in earthy hues. Concrete stain is durable and can be used on both interior and exterior concrete. Stains create distinct effects in concrete that simple opaque paint cannot match. They infuse the surface with translucent, rich tones and permeate the concrete to produce many different finishes.

Stamped Colored Concrete

Concrete can be made to resemble brick, wood, flagstone, tile, and other materials through the use of concrete stamp or forms. While stamped concrete is commonly used for driveways and sidewalks, it can also be used for more aesthetic applications in patios, around pools, and even in interior floors. Therefore, stamped concrete can resemble other materials, like slate or brick pavers, but often is a less expensive alternative than using those building materials.

Scored and Patterned Concrete

Scoring, featuring a series of grooves cut into the concrete, creates texture and depth on concrete surfaces. The process can be performed on interior or exterior surfaces to create a pattern or design in place of the traditional blank concrete slate.

Dyed Polished Concrete

Dyed polished concrete provides a smooth, mirror-like finish that creates a beautiful result. Like traditional concrete, the surface can be patterned or scored for decor. Also, the reflectivity of the surface can be adjusted by using different levels of polishing.

For more information on the concrete colors, releases, and sealers we supply and our recommended contractors, contact us.